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Meet the first true global community of modern marketing leaders, with members across the world. We host regular events & workshops, have a private Slack group for marketing executives and produce helpful content on our dashboard.

Word from the CEO

Hi everyone, I'm super excited to have you part of this exclusive group.
My name is Mehdi, I'm the founder & CEO of HYPER CRUNCH.
I launched Dreamland to help all the marketing executives and entrepreneurs find in a click the right tools for them to grow. We compiled years and years of research and experience from our team and partners to come up with this highly curated hub for you guys to enjoy!

My team and I are constantly updating it with the latest tools that are adding an immense added value for the entrepreneurs and marketeers out there.

You will find on this dashboard a simple structure:

- The curated tools section will include all the tools that you need to build a startup from scratch.
- The services section contains all the marketing services that your startup might need, juts click and relax while your marketing is done for you.
- The Growth school is the best training workshop that startups might find.
- The events section includes all the relevant webinars and events in your field: we got annoyed by the number of growing digital events out there so we selected only the best ones.
- If you want us to help you on your content and want to put your marketing on autopilot, hit the Join HYPER CRUNCH link! Remember the first 7 days of content and strategy are on us! No risks, no strings attached.

I hope you will enjoy this library of awesome content. If you would like to add or suggest any awesome tools, please email us at hello@hyper-crunch.com


Mehdi El Azhari
Founder & CEO

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